Download AdSense4u pro for WordPress

In this page you can download the AdSense4u professional version for WordPress and read the tutorial for customize it.

Install AdSense4u pro plugin

    1. Download the adsense4u pro plugin from this link
    2. Enter into your wordpress dashboard
    3. Go into Plugin sectionadd-new-plugin
    4. Click the Add new button
    5. Click Upload plugin
    6. Select the .zip file that you have downloaded
    7. Click Install Now button
    8. In Installed Plugins list, search Adsense4u Pro and click on Activate

Asynchronous responsive ads

Now listen carefully. Adsense4u only works with asynchronous responsive ads of AdSense.
In this way, your site will be very fast and accessible via PC and mobile.

If you use only adsense4u, to show advertising, no problem. With a few clicks you will configure all for the better.

If, however, you decide to use Adsense4u along with other plugins, you will need to configure these to show responsive asynchronous advertising.

Now let's see how create Text & display async responsive ads.

    1. Go into your Adsense Dashboard
    2. Click on Ad Units section
    3. Click on New ad unit button for create a new Text & display adsadsense-reactive-1
    4. Type a name for your responsive ad
    5. Select responsive
    6. Choose preferred Ad Type
    7. Click on Save and get code buttonadsense-reactive-2
    8. You'll get a code like this:adsense-reactive-3From this code, you must extract only the data-ad-client and data-ad-slot values.In this example, the value of data-to-client is ca-pub-4929255031742680 and the value of data-ad-slot is 2010879643

Configure AdSense4u pro plugin

  1. Go into wordpress dashboard
  2. Click Settings --> AdSense4u
  3. In the field Adsense Publisher ID, write the value that you have read in your adsense dashboard, without ca-pub. In the previous example, the value of data-to-client was ca-pub-4929255031742680 So you have to write 4929255031742680
  4. In the field Adsense Data Ad Slot, write the value that you have read in your adsense dashboard. In the previous example, the value of data-ad-slot was 2010879643adsense4u-settings-2
  5. Go to bottom of page and click on the Update button
  6. If you're lucky, your site is already configured to show advertising properly. Click on the Click here to test responsive site button to test it.

Customize Ad size

The responsive ads are suitable both to manage responsive websites that fixed size. The plugin supports up to 8 configurations.
Under "Adjust your Ads", you can see the configurations of the adsadjust-your-ads

For example the second configuration Ad Type 2 is a display ad of fixed size 300x600. This configuration is appropriate to be inserted in the lateral sidebar.

The first configuration Ad Type 1 is a display ad of fixed size 336x280. This configuration is appropriate to be inserted in the posts of blog.

If for example, you want to show 3 Ad Type 1 in your articles, one on top, one in the middle and the third down, you have to configure the yellow section, like this:


In the Ad Type field select 1 (size 336x280)

In the Position filed, select Top for the first ad, Middle for the second and Bottom for the last

If necessary, you can also decide to show the second announcement, only for articles larger than 2300 characters.
You just write in characters field, the value 2300