In this section you can find the responses to the frequently asked questions.

  1. I have another plugin for manage adsense. Can i continue to use itYes. You must configure AdSense4u pro for simply disable the display of ads.
  2. Does this script include any kind of tracking?  Are you collecting my site data with this script? Absolutely not.  The scripts do not collect any data from your site or visitors. Nor do the scripts share any data with our server or any other third party entities.
  3. The plugin uses cookies or store some information? Absolutely not.
  4. Will Adsense4u recapture lost revenue? Our experience says yes. Your earnings will increase by a percentage between 10% and 30%, depending on the type of users who visit your site.
  5. Can I redistribute the plugin? No. The script may not be redistributed.
  6. Will Adsense4u interfere with other scripts on my page? Not that has ever been reported in hundreds of feedback reports.  But if it happens to you, please write us an email.
  7. I have not found the answer to my question. Write us an email at this address [email protected]